Nottinghamshire County Council chooses Cirros as their MPS Solution

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Nottinghamshire County Council have been a long-standing user of the Inepro DocuPRO software and was keen to continue with the software that our user base had become accustomed too and was extremely reliable while not being bound to the hardware.

We have over 150 cooperate sites / hubs and a further 50 public libraries spread across the County supported via 330 MFD’s and printers.


Our main requirements were

  • Strength and consistency of support both inside legacy 9 to 5 working hours but also outside these
  • A client facing organisation, with personal detail but structured escalation policy
  • Multi brand supplier that could support our existing DocuPRO managed print solution on both existing and new devices.
  • A supplier that could support our existing investment in digital fax
  • A supplier that could advise and support on a ‘simple to use’ low staff input’ public facing cash print and copy solution.

We awarded our contract to M2 Digital as the supplier that not only achieved all our requirements but furthermore partnered directly with Cirros to deliver a 24 / 7 fully managed solution whilst also reducing our overall spend and environmental impact.

Cirros is a upgrade of our existing solution enterprise Inepro DocuPRO solution, paired with the support and management of the Cirros Model affording us 24/7 support, cloud managed automated monitoring, diagnostics and manufacturer led direct support with transparent pricing per device

The installation of devices was seamless – they came pre-configured to site and were simply plug and play, which helped achieve our aim of 30 plus installations per day.

Due to the simplicity of the installations, the support and ‘Quick User Guides’ the transition over to a new supplier was achieved with minimum disruption and resourcing and we are now three months into ‘business as usual’ after successfully installing all devices to plan.

Our volume over this period is more than 3,500,000.00 pages, split 85 % mono and 15 % colour.

NOTE: 8% of these jobs are deleted by the Cirros Management agent for not achieving certain parameters.  8% equates to 640 reams of A4 paper or 1.5 tonnes of what would have been waste.


Over 7000 individual public transactions for print and copy have been recorded within our libraries.

Average hardware response times 3 hours and 29 minutes

Average solution response times below 17 minutes.


We knew we would save money, we thought support would be different –  we made the correct decision the support is second to none and we are saving money.


Ian Hardy

Group Manager – Document Services

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